Who is Chris without the Hat?



Chris without the Hat has been juggling since he was seven years old. He has been entertaining professionally as a children’s performer on stages and as a circus superstar on stages and on the street for over a decade. His career has taken him to festivals across Canada and the United States and to audiences across the world including the Edmonton Fringe Festival, the Winnipeg Fringe Festival for ten consecutive years, San Diego Fringe, and to United Arab Emirates for the Dubai Shopping Festival. Chris without the Hat can be seen performing street shows his home pitch at the Forks Market in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and has also performed street shows on some the most well known street pitches in North America including "Harborfront" in Toronto, "Fisherman's Wharf" in San Francisco, and "Pearl Street Mall" in Boulder. Chris without the Hat has dedicated many years into the art of juggling, circus and clownery. He has years of experience as an emcee, as a stand up comedian, and has extensive clown and fire safety training. Chris without the Hat has easily performed over 1,000 shows throughout his long career



Juggling ~ freestyle juggling, blindfolded juggling, 3/4/5 balls, 3/4 pins, 3/4 torches, 3/4 machetes, 3 fire machetes, 3 fire staffs, chainsaw juggle) 

Fire Manipulation ~ 1/2 fire staff spinning, body burning, fire blast, breathing fire, and fire swallowing

Balance ~ balancing on ladders, balancing objects on face including (but not limited to) 8 ft. painter’s ladder, chainsaw and 10 pound sledge hammer